Gower Idrees, CFP
Super Dad,
Business Consultant,
Entrepreneur & Author

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Ahmed Khan
CEO, Barkaat Foods LLC

Gower Idrees and his team were instrumental in helping us with a $43 Million Private Equity transaction. Their insight, due diligence, advice and documentation services were excellent. I highly recommend!

Tahnoon Esmail
Money Matters, LLC, United Arab Emirates

“We have successfully used Gower Idrees and his expert team many times, in making capital acquisition and institutional funding a reality for our various projects and clients. Most recently, Gower’s work was instrumental in helping us fund a several million dollar manufacturing venture based in Dubai.”

Bill Brown
M&B 33 Products, LP

“We have worked with Gower Idrees since 1998. He has assisted us in numerous transactions involving millions of dollars in savings and efficiencies. Besides helping us with corporate strategic planning, tax optimization and succession planning, his work in helping us groom our business for sale was instrumental, resulting in a higher valuation and significantly lower taxes. He expertly represented us in negotiations with various private equity firms over the years. He played a key role when our company,
Fluoro-Seal International, LP was sold to a prominent private equity firm in 2012. We continue to use his services with our other US based and Canadian Interests.”

Norm Miller. Ex-Major League Baseball
Player, Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves

"After a decade in the Major Leagues with the Houston Astros and the past 35 years in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, I know the difference in what it takes to sell a product. There were no shortcuts in making it to the top of the baseball world and the same holds true in the business world. Planning and execution are everything. Gower has helped me on multiple transactions. He definitely knows what he is doing!"

Emilio Zamora,
Tejas International Mining, LP

“Gower Idrees was instrumental in helping us capitalize a several million dollar cross border transaction. His financial analytics and negotiation helped us get the transaction closed. We will definitely use him again.”

Walter Wilson
Qalsys Inc.

“I have worked with Gower Idrees since 1995. I continue to work with him today. His business knowledge and financial acumen are second to none. His transaction analytics and business advice has been tremendous. He was involved with me on a $70 Million transaction recently. His work was very impressive. He is now helping me scale and fund a substantial medical related venture.”

Kathy Ellis
The Business Lab

"It was a blessing to find Gower Idrees. His advice on growing our business, and actually getting the investment we needed, was absolutely the right thing at the right time. What he did with our company was pure magic."

Alyson Whitney
Chowtime Productions, Inc.

"With Gower’s strategic advice and tactical help, my company has grown dramatically! Our sales have tripled. We got the funding we needed and we were featured in Time Magazine!"

R. Machado
Harpia Ventures

Gower, makes you secure since day one. He brings great insights and put your business on the right track. I strongly recommend this pro.

M. Rountree

“Very sharp and knowledgeable Internet expert who helped give me focus on my various Internet businesses and showed me higher income alternatives I didn’t even know existed. Although expensive, more valuable and real information was delivered per hour than I’ve ever experienced before. These days you do get what you pay for. Will definitely use again.”

S. Brown
Triumvirate Ventures

“Gower is wealth of information within the industry and I strongly recommend him to anyone. He gives you real-world answers and doesn’t push you to a simple solution. It will continue to work with him and use his wide range of knowledge in continuing advising our business in the coming months.”

Who the heck is Gower Idrees? and Why should you care?

No special reason, really.  Unless you want to …

Grow your revenue and profits.

Automate systems to reduce reliance on YOU.


Sell your business for maximum value.

Then you and I ought to get to know each other.

My name is Gower Idrees and I’m a business consultant to entrepreneurs. In fact, I work with entrepreneurs exclusively.

Of course, if you’ve read one of my books … seen me on Bloomberg television or in The Wall Street Journal or talked with one of my clients,  you already know who I am. And you know why I only work with entrepreneurs. In case you don’t, it’s because …

I am … deep down … an entrepreneur. Just like you. Chances are whatever challenges you’re facing, I’ve faced them, too. I’ve had the s…t kicked out of me and learned how to return the favor. I’ve had my share of bloody noses and kept fighting. I’ve played the game and won big. And I can help you do the same..

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or what size it is. Over the past two decades I’ve worked with every kind … from start-ups to mature enterprises … in transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

I have personally built businesses from the ground up and sold them for top dollar … turned troubled companies around … taken substantial risks and reaped considerable rewards … gone nose-to-nose with investment banks, private equity firms and venture capitalists to end up with the biggest payout possible. And I have the scar tissue to prove it.

All of which means I don’t just talk theory. I’ve got the experience, expertise and smarts to guide you safely through automating your company to reduce reliance on you, growing profits and selling your company. I can help you minimize mistakes and keep you from getting screwed. And, very likely, change the course of your life for the better.

Here’s how all that can help you …

Grow your business on autopilot.

I’ll help you get your business growing and more profitable.  And when you’re ready to explore other business opportunities (or if you’re simply tired of the daily grind), I’ll work with you to keep your business growing without your day-to-day involvement.

 I’ll do it by helping you put systems in place so your business can operate effectively and profitably without you having to show up every single day.

And not having the success of the company be solely dependent on you is a very good thing when you eventually need to raise capital or decide to sell.

Speaking of which …

I’ll help you sell your company for maximum value.

In other words, I’ll help you get your business ready to be sold for top dollar. I’ll conduct an in-depth operational, marketing, financial and transactional analysis of your entire operation to point out any major issues a buyer might have a problem with. Then I’ll work with you to help fix every one of them.

I’ll help you avoid mistakes that could cost you millions … help you determine the true value of your company and then add some more … help you organize for a tax-efficient sale … and help make sure you don’t leave anything on the table.

If you’d like to know more about my Business Sale Service, please visit RareBrain.com

And now a word about …

Gower Idrees vs. the other guys.

There are a lot of outfits out there that promise to do some or all of these things. But experience like mine isn’t something you’ll find at any of those big consulting firms.

Sure, they’ve got swarms of MBAs, but most of them have never started a business or run one. They’ve never had to raise capital … take make-or- break risks … or deal with any of the decisions you and I have had to face every day.

If you and I decide to work together, you’ll get the benefit of all my experience, expertise and smarts. Plus a few other things those other firms don’t offer. Such as …

A built-in bullshit meter.

Almost every pitch to potential investors or buyers involves a certain amount of BS. I’ll help you keep yours to an acceptable minimum so the money guys don’t walk away holding their noses. Even more important, I’ll help keep you from drinking your own Kool-Aid so you can put a realistic value on your company.

The ability to break it all down.

That’s how I’ll help you increase your company’s value to the max. And increasing its value is critical when you’re trying to sell it. I’ll virtually break down your company into its parts and show you how to improve on each part through systems, metrics, performance standards, accountabilities and the like. Then I’ll help you tie all these components together in a structure that’s more valuable than ever.

A talent for selling the future.

Long ago, I learned that the secret to selling just about anything is to sell the future. And that’s important because in order to get the maximum payout from the sale of your business, you have to get investors and buyers to look beyond today’s cash flow and see the potential of the company.

“Gator Skin.”

Mine is the result of having personally raised capital … increased profits … and sold companies for their maximum value.  And it means I won’t let you make costly mistakes. I have been around the block … on forty miles of bad road … and on easy street. Which means less stress for you and better odds for a successful outcome.

A few words about my fees.

As my might expect, automating your business to operate with you, improving your bottom line and helping you increase your company’s value or preparing it for sale will take a considerable amount of time and effort on my part and on the part of my staff.

The people who help me with all of this, my analysts and specialists, are some of the best in the business.

That said, our fees are reasonable and competitive.

You pay us on a flat-fee, monthly retainer or hourly basis based on a mutually agreed budget.

Most of my clients have found the investment in my services to be worth every penny. Others just considered them a bargain.


I’ve put all of mine on the table. I’ve tried to be as straightforward as I can be. Now it’s up to you.

If you’re serious about  growing your business or selling it, why not give me a call? 

We’ll have a fifteen minute telephone conversation. And if we decide not to work together, all we’ve lost is fifteen minutes each.

And if we do agree, then you’ll be on your way to getting help in growing  and automating your business or the maximum amount for it when you sell.

So why not pick up the phone and call me or just shoot me an email. To contact me click here.

Either way, I look forward to hearing from you. And getting to know you.


Gower Idrees, CFP